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In this section, we provide a collection of selected resources for your (first) literature research, in particular applying to students of the Hochschule Bremen. The recommendations are arranged by faculty and programme.
Detailed information and further resources are available in SuUB's search engine or in the subject areas section.


GVK: includes references of journal articles (from 1993), book chapters and books from all disciplines
Web of Science (ISI): includes references of journal articles, which have been published in the most important journals worldwide across all disciplines

Subject-specific databases and internet links:

Faculty 1: School of International Business
International management, Global management, Tourism management, Business studies, Business administration, Economics, European finance and accounting

Faculty 5: Nature and Engineering
Shipping and chartering, Naval architecture and ocean engineering

International Graduate Center
Business administration (Global / International / International tourism / East Asian management), European studies, Aeronautical management, Kulturmanagement

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