The Green Route to Open Access

We recommend that articles which have already appeared in a subscription-based journal should also be made freely available as a secondary publication on the Media document server or on specialist document servers. This is also referred to as self-archiving. There are three kinds of secondary publications:
•    as a preprint, in the manuscript version submitted to the publisher before the peer review,
•    as a postprint, in the revised, accepted manuscript version after the peer review,
•    in the final publisher's version in the respective journal layout.

For more information on the different versions, you may wish to refer to the Article Version Explainer:

Also, feel free to watch our video for more information: Green Open Access and our Media repository.

Support from the SuUB for secondary publications

Many publishers have regulations regarding the use of their publications and on how to deal with secondary Open Access publications. We are very happy to advise you on what should be observed in general and which tools you can use to check the legal requirements yourself.

We want to support you in making your publications freely available via the Green Open Access route. We focus on journal articles that have been published with an affiliation to the University of Bremen.

What you can expect from us:

  • assessment of the legal requirements for a secondary publication
  • support throughout the publication process

We need from you:

  • an overview of your publications with affiliation to the University of Bremen: (preferably) a list of DOIs (Digital Object Identifier)
  • if applicable, a deposit license (your written consent for secondary publication on the Media document server)
  • accepted manuscript(s) (on request)

If you are interested or have any questions, please write to us at


A secondary publication is usually archived on a repository / document server either in parallel with the original publication or with a time delay. Members of the University of Bremen and the Bremen institutions of higher education can use the Media document server for this.

Media document server

For preprints, i.e. manuscript versions submitted to the publisher before peer review, disciplinary preprint servers are particularly recommended, however publications on the Media document server are also possible.

Repositories such as the Media document server ensure long-term accessibility of documents, which is not usually guaranteed by making them available on personal and institutional websites.

Examples of disciplinary repositories or preprint servers:



Medicine, biology and related fields

Physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, finance and statistics

Psychology, behavioral science

Social sciences


Further (inter-)disciplinary repositories can be found here:
Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)
Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)




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