BookEye scanner at the Central Library

Scan, copy, and print

SuUB Bremen offers free scanning facilities at the central library on the university campus and at the larger branch libraries. Three Bookeye-scanners are available in the central library and in the law library. In addition, scan tents are available which can be used in connection with a scan app or a camera app on a smartphone. This service contributes to the switch from paper to digital formats.

Ricoh printers are available for printouts and paper copies. The devices are connected to the payment platform Kuario. A registration at Kuario is required in order to use the devices.
In addition there are a total of three devices at the central library and at the branch library for Economics, which are operated with copy cards. The cards can be purchased for €2 or €5 at the circulation desk. These devices offer the option of copying and printing files via USB sticks (formats: pdf, jpg, png).

The Ricoh printers also offer the option of scanning free of charge. Exporting files is done via USB sticks.

Drucker und Scanzelt

Scan tents allow you to digitise documents and books in good quality. All you need is a smartphone and a scan app.

The scan tent is free of charge and easy to use:

  • Download and open any scan app
  • Place the the document or book inside the scan tent
  • Place the smartphone on top of the tent
  • Follow the app's instructions to scan

With the help of the tent, formats up to a size of about A3 can be scanned.

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Tel: (0421) 218 59500
Cost for printing and copying per page
  • € 0,05 DIN A4 (bw)
  • € 0,10 DIN A3 (bw)
  • € 0,09 DIN A4 (color)
  • € 0,17 DIN A3 (color)

Scanning free of charge